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Bahari Foods Ltd

Bahari Foods Ltd specialises in sourcing, holding, processing and exporting fresh and frozen seafood from Tanzania to international markets. Incorporated in 1998, the company began production in 2005 following the completion of its processing facilities in Dar es Salaam.

Believing that commercial success goes hand in hand with sustainable practices, Bahari Foods Ltd is committed to being a market-leading exporter of safe and high-quality seafood products. As such, we place great value on providing a healthy working environment for our employees and rigorous food safety management.

A key player in the food chain, we work to ensure all organisational arrangements and food processing practices are in place, enabling us to deliver the finest fish and crab to our global customers.


Bahari Foods Ltd deals mainly in sea fish and crustaceans sourced directly from the Indian Ocean. While we cover a range of fish products, our core specialty is live crabs. Our holding facilities have been designed to keep live crabs on site in a safe and sustainable environment. This means that, whatever the location, they reach our clients in the best possible condition.

Quality and Traceability

At the Bahari Food Ltd seafood holding and processing plant, we use systematic best practice reviews to ensure the highest standards of food safety management. Our food production processes comply with market and regulatory requirements, and we carry out due diligence in all record keeping and documentation.

We also operate rigorous supply chain management, allocating unique codes to all our raw material suppliers and insisting on regular audits and assessments. And we hold HACCP certification, verifying our rigorous systematic approaches to risk management.

Our quality management system, meanwhile, is based on Good Manufacturing/Handling Practices (GMP/GHP), which set out the minimum acceptable standards for the holding of live crabs.

These measures ensure we meet all building, equipment, facilities, personnel and sanitation requirements – and help us maintain the confidence of our regulators, international trade partners and customers.


Bahari Foods Ltd supplies its seafood products to a range of clients throughout Africa and the rest of the world.